What To Look For Cheap Long Term Storage In Melbourne

There are many storage facilities in Melbourne to entrust your belongings on a long term basis. Since it is a long term, one of the things you have to consider is the price. Considering cheap long term storage in Melbourne is ideal, but along with the price, there are other important factors you need to consider to make sure that storing your stuff will not give you any troubles and issues in the future.

What To Look For Cheap Long Term Storage In Melbourne

If you do not have any idea yet on how to choose the best storage unit and facility to keep your belongings, read the tips to consider below:

The location of the storage facility

You must choose a facility that is accessible to both public and private transportation, and if possible, choose a facility that is just near your house. This is not a big issue for short term storing, but it is for long term storage. You would not want to spend too much time and effort travelling from time to time just to retrieve one or two items.

If what you are keeping are items that will be used in the near future, or items that you need multiple times or at least six times in a year, choosing a cheap storage facility that is far from your home is not the wisest thing to do, as it may turn out to be more expensive as you are not just spending money for travelling, but you are also spending more of your precious time.

Storage access and operation hours

What time are the facility’s operation hours? Are the hours of their operation work to your advantage? Are they open during your most convenient time? Most of the time, people are available on the weekends, and if the facility is not open during these days, storing your items to their facility may not be the best thing to do.

If there are available facilities that are cheap and open 24 hours a day, it would be good if you put them on your priority list.

The payment and price plans

They may be cheap, but considering things like whether the facility charges weekly or monthly, do they allow cancellation of contract anytime you want free of charge, or the actual rate of their storage service. All these factors must be considered and must all work to your budget needs and advantage.

The facilities amenities

Melbourne’s weather changes drastically in a year, they have summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The storage facility you should choose must have climate-controlled units that can keep your items in pristine condition even how coarse weather it is outside.

These facilities may be more expensive, but keeping your items safe and secure can save you a lot from buying new items or repairs if items you stored were broken or diminished because of uncontrolled temperature.

The security and safety measures

Does the facility have enough security? Do they have enough working CCTVs? Are there security guards roaming around the units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Do they have sprinklers and fire extinguisher? You are keeping your items to the facility for a long time, hence other than the rate, you have to prioritize security and safety as well.

Now that you have tips to follow when you want to find cheap long term storage in Melbourne, you can go ahead and choose where to store your important belongings.

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