Environmental and Energy Systems

The environment and energy production

  • Environmentally friendly resources are vital to renewable energy
  • Environmental resources are best for preserving the environment
  • Renewable sources are necessary for energy production for future generations

Australia has been working towards more environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy for decades. The goal is to find a renewable source that can cover high demands while limiting or eliminating harmful emissions. Through the decades of research and development Australia has developed many kinds of renewable energy sources. These sources range from solar energy to wind energy to water energy and many more. Each of these energy sources has little to no negative impact on the environment. The goal for a renewable energy source that is good for the environment is closer than many believe.

Environmental and energy systems are vital to renewable energy and environmental health. Many of the source are from the environment itself such as water and wind. This allows the source to be better for the environment as it is not harmful. Australia has combined many environmental resource to produce renewable energy systems. Combining environmental resources with energy production is how we can guarantee a renewable source for future generations. The future generations can continue the production of renewable energy and environmental care.

The many types of resources and the search for more

  • There are many types of renewable sources in use in energy production
  • Resources vary from water to agricultural waste products
  • Continued research is important for finding more renewable source

There are many sources of renewable energy available in the environment. Biomass sources such as wood are a leading source of environmental energy production in Australia. Solar follow biomass resources in the environmental energy systems. Other energy resources derived from the environment include water (hydro), waste water, wind and agricultural waste materials. These systems are unique in the type of sources they use, but they are successful in producing energy for consumption. In waste water and agricultural waste systems the methane produced from these sources is what produces the energy. Hydro and wind systems us turbines to be able to produce energy for consumption.

Australian companies and entrepreneurs are continually researching renewable sources and their viability for energy production. This research has led to many sources being found and subsequently used as a way viable to produce energy. The goals of these companies and people are to find resources that are the best for energy production while being good for the environment. Continuing research is needed for finding viable and safe resources for energy production for years and generations to come.

Renewable resources and the future

  • Renewable resources have been utilised for decades
  • Renewable energy and the environment depend on each other for success
  • We may see other industries use renewable resources

There are so many environmental resources available that we can use in other energy industries. Renewable sources such as water and wind have been utilized for decades. When environmental resources are introduced to the energy industry we see a positive environmental impact. It is safe to say that renewable energy is an environmental energy system. The two need each other to able to be successful and healthy. We may see environmental resources flowing into other areas of the energy industry such as transportation and manufacturing.