Energy Strategies

In physics, energy is defined as the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on the object. In other words, there is work done when there is energy. Energy is important to all life and living organisms. Whether directly or indirectly, the sun is known as the source of all energy on Earth. Over the years, studies were made to improve and innovate in order to supply the arising demand of the energy which is considered as the problem and will be a big deal in the future if ever it is not paid attention to. There are different energy strategies and are used depending on its availability and advantages.

The solar power gets energy from the sun through its solar panel. Solar panels are useful and environment friendly. This could generate power from the sun which is a free source of energy. This is considered as one of the strategies to supply power but there are disadvantages of solar panel. Solar panel does not work in the dark and it has low efficiency compared to other options. Installation is also costly because you need to pay upfront. Angles of the panels need to be optimized and it requires large surface area.

Wind energy is another source of energy which uses large turbines to turn generators to produce energy. This is a strategic and an ideal solution to some but it has ecological impact that is starting to reveal.

The geothermal energy is produced from beneath the earth. Hot rocks below the earth heats up the water which produces steam then the steam helps the turbines to move where power is then generated. This source of energy considered as strategic because it is clean and environment friendly but it is not available everywhere.

Hydrogen energy is also considered a good source of energy because it is common element available on earth. Hydrogen can be found in water and also combined with other elements. This is also environmental friendly because it does not leave any toxic in the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are commonly used. Examples are the coal and oil. The oil is converted to many products and one of these is the gasoline which is commonly used for vehicles. Fossil fuels are useful nowadays but the disadvantage of fossil fuels is it creates pollution to the environment.

There are other source of energy like tidal energy which uses the rise and fall of tides to produce power, wave energy which is from the waves produced in the oceans, hydroelectric energy which is commonly used in cities and towns, biomass energy which is produced from organic material and the nuclear energy in which some people are still debating if this is a safe source of energy.

It is important to carefully choose what energy to use. That is why there are different sources of energy because choosing what is the right and strategic way should also consider its impact to the environment not just its efficiency.