Emission Control System

What you need to know about emission control systems

Emission control systems are popular in automobiles where they limit noxious gases emitted after combustion. The gasses are mainly from engines and other components known to cause internal-combustion. Where combustion is suspected, the components in question could include engine exhaust, fuel tank, the crankcase and the carburetor.

You will know whether your car has a working emission control system if it passes the emission test. The test ensures your automobile machine is less harmful to the environment. You will be able to repair damage if you concentrate on finding out what may have caused the fault.

The following are the possible reasons for a failed emission control system:

Worn-Out Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are not expensive car parts as compared to other accessories. Have your vehicle spark plugs inspected regularly to ensure they are up to the task. Replace these plugs when faulty as the effect will not only inconvenience you but will harm the environment.

Leaking Gas Cap

Gas caps are readily available irrespective of your car model or type. This is one of the car parts that you can inspect and replace on your own. A leaking gas cap is pausing danger to our surroundings and its one of the reasons why your car may fail the emission test.

There is no reason why your car should fail the emission test because of a simple part like a gas cap which you can replace with ease. Many car types share the gas cap thus you can get an old working one from your mechanic.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter is one of the reasons why your vehicle tests for a higher level of hydrocarbons. Cleaning the air filter is not a hard task as you can easily pop it out of its socket, clean and slide it back. When the filter is extremely dirty or worn-out, get a new one from a car accessory shop and replace it.

Damaged Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters of your car should be regularly checked for defects. A faulty converter cannot convert the toxic gasses into one that cannot harm the environment. Get your faulty catalytic converters replaced to have working emission control systems.

Faulty Catalytic converters will cause you to be on the wrong side with the public health sector in your area. 

Rich Air-Fuel Mixture

Fuel that is mixed with air causes dumping of raw fuel through the automobile system. The rich air-fuel might be caused by faulty oxygen sensors and/or damaged injectors. Get these parts checked and replaced for you to have a working emission control system.

Damages in the Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP)

A damaged EVAP system can cause atmospheric pollution as gasoline vapors are emitted from your car’s fuel tank. Check the hoses and vents for leakage and repair/replace them so they’re environment friendly.

Automobiles, according to a recent study, are among the leading causes of air pollution. Secure your automobiles emission control systems to improve surrounding air quality and reduce negative impact on the environment.

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