Do Drivers Make Towing Mistakes When Offering Towing Services on the Gold Coast?

Are you a tow truck driver on the Gold Coast?  Have you ever made any mistakes when you are offering your customer towing services and you regretted making the mistake?  When you are a tow truck driver you have to make sure that you are very keen  and do all you can to ensure that you tow  vehicles to the  required locations without making any mistakes that could lead to further damages or problems.   It is always advised that you learn from the mistakes of others rather than learning from your own mistakes since it could be dangerous for you and could lead to higher losses.  This is why it is essential for you to learn the many mistakes that drivers make when offering towing services so that you can avoid them at all costs.

What Towing Mistakes  Do Drivers Make When Offering Towing Services on the Gold Coast?

There are so many mistakes that drivers make when offering towing services on the Gold Coast and some of them are discussed in this section. They include;

  • Exceeding the limit that the tow truck can handle

This is one of the silliest mistakes that tow truck drivers make when they are called for towing services on the Gold Coast.  Some of them assume that there are two trucks that can handle  any limit even if it exceeds its limit.  However, the tow rating of the vehicle you are using is always indicated and should never be exceeded anytime you are towing vehicles.   Whenever you exceed the limit of the tow truck you will be causing great problems on the roads since this could lead to accidents. This is because exceeding the limit of the truck leads to loose or broken suspension, failing brakes or blown out tires.  To avoid this, always make sure that you check on the tow rating of your tow trucks and avoid exceeding the limit provided.

  • Failing to follow the state towing regulations

When you are towing on the Gold Coast, there are those regulations that you are supposed to follow.  For instance, you need to know about the safety chains, barking equipment, extra mirrors and taillights.all these things will help you in preventing any accidents on the roads when you are towing. However, most drivers fail to follow the regulations provided and this results in very fatal accidents.

  • Not lighting up

The other mistake that most drivers make when towing on the Gold Coast is failing to light up.  Unfortunately, when you do not light up, it means that the car behind you cannot see the tow truck.  This could lead to accidents that can be avoided by ensuring that you light up your brake lights, turn signals, reflectors and taillights. You should also check to be sure that all the connections are fine and that all the lights are working properly to ensure that you light up while on the road so that the cars behind you can see the tow truck clearly.

  • Ignoring the blind spots

When  there is limited visibility, it becomes very difficult for you to avoid accidents on the roads.  Your mirror extenders might provide you with more [precautions when changing lanes but the size of the tow truck could reduce visibility. In case this happens make sure that you avoid driving since this could lead to inevitable accidents.

  • Not checking the tire pressure

One of the things that most people do not know is that underinflated tires produce so much friction that may result in blow outs that are often known to cause tragic rollover accidents.  This is what happens when you do not check the tire pressure of the towing vehicle.

Most people think that towing is very challenging but when you know where to start and the mistakes to avoid, then you can offer towing services without any safety issues.  This is why you need to learn about all the above mistakes and ensure that you avoid making them when you are on the road with your tow truck.

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