Different Kinds of Fire Protection

Industrial sectors differ in more than few ways. However, all industries need to be protected from fire hazards and should have the right fire protection services. The following are some of the most common fire protection systems being employed by different industries in Sydney.

Wet sprinklers for dousing fire

The system compromises of automatic sprinklers which activate when a fire is detected. The sprinkler system consists of smoke detectors. When the smoke exceeds the limit the sprinkler systems start o work. This can actually help douse off a fire which has just started and is a great way of preventing a major mishap. A fire alarm is also connected to the sprinklers so once those re activated the alarm starts working as well. The sprinklers work by being attached to a piping system in the building which is in turn attached to a water source.

Dry fire protection system

The dry fire protection services system in Sydney consists of a sprinkler system which is in turn connected to a pipe. The pipes consist of nitrogen gas at a high pressure. When fire is detected the pipes release the gas which in turn helps get rid of the fire. These type of sprinkler systems work best in areas were the weather is cold and the wet sprinkler system might be prone to freezing. The gas works by reacting with the fire and causing a chemical reaction which helps douse off the fire.

Special fire hazard systems

In case the above mentioned fire protection systems prove to be inadequate, special fire protection systems are involved. These are more mechanically complex and have a higher rate of protection. These are required in big setups or areas which are prone to fire hazards. These kinds of system immediately detect a fire and then douse it.

Pre action fire hazard systems

These kinds of systems work before the incident of a fire might actually arise by suppressing instances which could cause a fire. The system has both a sprinkler system and a piping system which releases a high pressure gas when required. The only thing which differs this system from the others is the presence of a supplemental detection system.

Anti-freeze sprinkler system

The anti-freeze fire protection system consists of the same mechanism as the above mentioned ones just that these are filled with an antifreeze solution which prevents water from freezing into the pipes.

Besides these active fire protection systems there are also passive fire protection systems. These compromise of fire resistant doors and walls. These work by containing the fire and preventing it from spreading, these are an essential part of the fire protection services. the passive system prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. These systems remain inactive until the fire is detected then the latch or seal in the doors and windows tend to expand and often close the door. The fire doors and fire walls each have a fire rating and can sustain a fire until the mentioned temperature is reached.

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